It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I posted here on my platform. But as you can easily see from the pictures, I was very busy. Not just with North & South (booh remember – your version doesn’t work with emulators and C64) or The Great Giana Sisters. No, it was the fact of Russia’s crazy war against Ukraine and whatever else was going on. But having just seen for myself that it’s been almost a year since I released THE RETROIST, I’m now thinking about another retro album of mine after VALLHEIMDORFF. I’ll be giving you more information about this soon.


Raid Shadow Legends


New Album in progress

Velheimdorff – The new album. Coming soon. Stay tuned!


Time to celebrate?

At present it isn’t realy. Some nuthead started with extensive war crimes. What I may ask here: Where is the point Mr Putin? Well, we will never find out, as said as this might be true. It’s a time to stand up – it’s a time to fight peacefully against the Russian invasion at the Ukraine Territory. Make sure to share and to protest against this barbarian act. I am speechless!


Merry Christmas


Thanks for 100.000

Thank you very much for more than 100.000 visits and sound attachements on bandcamp. Thanks a lot guys!


Work in Progress on latest tune

Work in progress

The latest tune is just been in a cue of release. As matter of fact at present it’s pritty dificult to get all projects together. Rather between Christmas and New Years eve, there should be a chance to do so. Looking forward to it.


New Intro @mendrake.com

New Spooky Intro

I have just uploaded a new Intro to mendrake.com. It’s all about spooky. Enjoy.



The latest audial entertainment release by The Mendrake. Our now and available for live streaming and/or downloading. Enjoy


I have just updated to a new Website, which is now reachable via mendrake.com – Enjoy.