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Welcome to the official Website of Mendrake, me. I used to be very much involved into the former 8bit Community back in the 80’s/90’s. Therefore I am very much involved into oldschool “retro” music and entertainment. Still, now, I am very much involved and happy to serve with “oldschool” stuff. Since 2021 I am publishing music as lable and producer. My absolute recommendation for restro things is a visit at the C64 Group Acrise. Here you will be able to find News, Gadgets, Stories as well as retro stuff in general. Mostly regarding the 8 bit computer C64. Enjoy this free stuff. You might want to visit an Bookmark Mendrake at his Facebook Fanpage here.

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Latest Album by Mendrake

Welcome to a retro universe of Synth

11/2021 – Release of Retroist
RETROIST – The Album by Mendrake

The latest sound release in progress, looking forward to the complete release soon. Meanwhile enjoy these free tracks:

bÄm Video production

Ellen de Village / The Scratch

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